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According to my records, you have NEVER been to my site!

I just wanted to take a moment to personally welcome you to nrfichthorn.com and to tell you about the site.

nrfichthorn.com is focused on documenting the transition of a 356 C Coupe into a street legal race car. My mission is to provide my visitors with information about enhancing the performance of a stock 356. If there is any item that you believe would make the site better, please e-mail me at suggestions@nrfichthorn.com

Nate Fichthorn

Active Member PCA (Riesentoter Region) and 356 Registry (Member since 2000)

Headlines for June 12, 2021

NEW PICTURES - 12/01/2007

PLEASE click HERE to read the wonderful e-mail that was sent to me by
Mr. Richard Carver. His heartfelt message is sure to help anybody realize why we toil long hours and pour large amounts of money into these wonderful cars.

  • Mr. Carver really helped me out, but if you can offer any words of motivation or encouragment, please e-mail me!!!

  • I am STILL trying to acquire some of the history on my car. Please click on the history link above to read what I know and if you can contribute, I would appreciate it.

  • Click HERE to see what's the current status of the white coupe and it's owner.

    Click HERE to read my new journal entry. New pictures have been posted. Click on the pictures link and scroll to the bottom. The car's body work is uust about done and it will be ready for paint real soon!
    Last Entry. ..: 12/01/07 :..

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